Why is it worth choosing clay plaster?

An economical choice

✅ Price of decorative clay plaster per m2 is from 2.90 EUR

✅ The price of materials for artistic wall decoration per m2 is up to 10 EUR

✅ Walls do not need to be prepared as for painting!

✅ You can also do the works yourself!

✅ An excellent way to renovate regular paints or other old surfaces

Easy to plaster yourself

✅ Works with clay plaster can be done independently. The mixed mixture can be used for even a few days, and the work process has no strict time limitations.

✅ If you do not want to plaster yourself – we will recommend the best masters!

Natural, harmless materials

✅ Clay plaster is made of health-safe materials, does not emit VOCs into the air, so you will breathe much cleaner air at home or in the office.

✅ Finishing clay plaster PH 8.19 – it is an alkaline environment that is unfavourable for mould to appear.

✅ The products are completely vapour permeable and do not form a film.

✅ You can safely plaster your walls and live at the same time!

Modern and stylish finish

✅ Mr. Clay products have a wide range of applications and are in line with today’s fashion trends in wall decoration. Glossy or matte marble, polished stone, concrete and other wall surfaces can be extracted.

✅ The colour palette consists of more than 100 colours.