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Clay paint 8 kg.

Clay paint is a natural product suitable for painting with a roller or brush on brown classic or decorative clay plaster. The paint is odorless and does not contain harmful substances. You can boldly involve small family members at work as well, because if they smear themselves with white or colored clay paint, everything will be washed away with plain water. The work is easy to do yourself. With 8 kg of clay paint you will be able to paint about 30 m2 with two layers.




A mixture of white clay, marble and technological additives diluted with water.
The components in the mixture are not harmful.

• Brown classic clay;
• Finishing clay plaster;
• Old clay paint.

No additional preparation is required for painting on the mentioned surfaces.

To paint on other surfaces, such as those listed below, we recommend that you first test in a small area and evaluate on your own whether you like the resulting image:
• Gypsum plaster;
• Lime plaster;
• Cement plaster;
• Drywall;
• Gypsum fiber
• Cement, sawdust, etc. building boards for plastering or plastering;
• Previously plastered, painted and sanded surfaces;

* Note that the surface to be painted must be sufficiently smooth, as the clay paint is painted in a thin layer, so that small wall defects will not be removed in the same way as the finishing clay plaster can remove.
CONSUMPTION OF MIXTURE 8 kg. / 30 sq.m. while painting with a roller twice.

COLORS: clay paints are toned in the same way as finishing clay plaster – the mixture is white, and a mineral pigment of the chosen color is added to it. The choice of color can be performed by the standard color palette, but keep in mind that the color of the clay paint will be a little more intense visually than the color of the same color pigment, when it is mixed with the finishing clay plaster. The structure is smoother, making it look visually different from clay plaster.
If you choose very bright colors, clay paint can become greasy.

Pour 7-8 L of water into a container of at least 20 L, add all the pigment if you are painting with colors and mix well with a dedicated electric mixer. While continuing to stir, slowly add the entire package of clay paint, mix well, and allow the mixture to swell from 1h to 12h after covering the container. The mixture may look quite liquid, but it will thicken later. Stir the clay paint again before painting.
Don’t be surprised to see the color of the wet mix – when dried, it will be much brighter, the one you have chosen.

Pour the mixed mixture into a painting bath. It is recommended to choose a medium length hair roller for coloring. Hard-to-reach areas can be painted with a paintbrush or a smaller roller. If necessary, if painted on a finishing or classic clay plaster, the painted wall can be polished with a stainless steel putty knife. When you paint a second time, the bottom layer of paint softens, so make sure the roller rotates well on the wall surface and does not damage the bottom layer. After painting, it is recommended to carefully clean the wall with a clean dry cloth to allow particles that have protruded to the surface during painting to fall off. Minimal crumbling or lubricity is possible.

Clay paints are a natural product, so they will wash out when washed wet. However, after smearing the wall, you can try different dry cleaning methods or repaint it in one coat, or paint only the smeared area, spreading the paint unevenly to the sides so that no transitions are visible.

Terms of delivery

+37067700207, +37060506540



Shipments are sent in Lithuania:

* to Omniva post boxes in Lithuania up to 10 kg.

If the cargo is small (1 package up to 10 kg) and you are not sure whether you will be at home, we recommend using the services of post boxes and indicate the address of the nearest post box when ordering.

When the shipment is at the post box of your choice, you will receive an SMS message containing the information needed to pick up the shipment.

* Itella courier to your home

When parcels are delivered by a courier, you will be notified by phone before arrival.

It is important to know that if you placed your order before 12 p.m. on Friday, you would receive the shipment only on Monday or Tuesday, as delivery services are closed on weekends.

If the cargo is small (1 package up to 10 kg) and you are not sure whether you will be at home, we recommend using the services of post boxes and indicate the address of the nearest post box when ordering.

The courier delivers one package up to 30 kg to the house.

* In exceptional cases we can send by bus shipments from Alytus. Transport costs are paid upon collection of the goods at the bus station’s parcels department.

to 100 km 101-400 km
Package up to 200 g 1,50 € 2,50 €
Package up to 1 kg 2,00 € 3,50 €
Package 1-5 kg 2,50 € 4,50 €
Package 5-10 kg 3,00 € 5,00 €
Package 10-15 kg 3,50 € 6,50 €
Package 15-20 kg 6,50 € 9,00 €
Package 20-25 kg 9,00 € 11,50 €
Package 25-30 kg 10,00 € 14,00 €
Prices for multi-package shipments
30-40 kg 12,00 € 15,00 €
40-50 kg 15,00 € 20,00 €
50-60 kg 20,00 € 25,00 €
60-70 kg 25,00 € 30,00 €
70-80 kg 30,00 € 35,00 €
80-90 kg 35,00 € 40,00 €
90-100 kg 40,00 € 45,00 €
*Maximum weight of one package – 30 kg


* By trucks with an elevator

* By trucks with a crane (from 1000 kg.)

Euro pallets are usually delivered with bags of 25 kg each or big bags with Classic brown clay plaster.
Such loads are carried by larger trucks with an elevator. In order for such cargo to be properly delivered and unloaded, the following conditions must be met:

There must be good, solid ground, wide access to the place of unloading (if the road is collapsed or overgrown with trees whose branches could damage the truck, the driver may refuse to deliver the load or bring it to the nearest possible place of unloading.

Euro pallets with big bags or other goods are lowered with an elevator and pushed out as close as possible to a suitable place for you. You need to make sure the foundation is solid. If there is no hard ground, paving, or asphalt, provide a larger, sturdy plate on which the pallet can be pushed out with the goods.

If there is no solid base for unloading or unloading is hindered by, for example, a ditch or fence, you can hire a truck with a crane that can move the load with the help of a manipulator and put it in a more suitable place for you. For the prices of such transport, call tel. No. +37060506540 or write by e-mail to vadyba@clay.lt

It is NECESSARY to indicate in the comments if, in your opinion, accessing or unloading by larger trucks may be difficult, in such case we will be able to consult with carriers or look for other delivery solutions.


Indicative shipping prices to foreign counties:

Country to 10 kg 11-25 kg 26-50 kg 51-100 kg 101-200 kg
Finland 14,50 Eur 18 Eur 24 Eur 36 Eur 60 Eur
Poland 11 Eur 12 Eur 14 Eur 16,50 Eur 23 Eur
Belgium 16 Eur 19 Eur 24 Eur 29 Eur 43 eur
Czech Republic 15 Eur 18 Eur 23 Eur 28 Eur 42 Eur
Denmark 15 Eur 18 Eur 23 Eur 28 Eur 42 Eur
Holland 17 Eur 20 Eur 25 Eur 30 Eur 44 Eur
Germany 19 Eur 25 Eur 35 Eur 54 Eur 75 Eur
Austria 20 Eur 23 Eur 27 Eur 35 Eur 50 Eur
Hungary 16 Eur 19 Eur 24 Eur 29 Eur 43 Eur
Luxembourg 20 Eur 23 Eur 27 Eur 35 Eur 50 Eur
Slovakia 15 Eur 18 Eur 23 Eur 28 Eur 42 Eur
Italy 28 Eur 31 Eur 38 Eur 48 Eur 71 Eur
Croatia 17 Eur 20 Eur 25 Eur 30 Eur 44 Eur
Slovenia 18 Eur 21 Eur 26 Eur 31 Eur 45 Eur
Greece 38 Eur 50 Eur 73 Eur 117 Eur 200 Eur
Bulgaria 23 Eur 25 kg 28 Eur 34 Eur 47 Eur
Ireland 30 Eur 34 Eur 39 Eur 50 Eur 70 Eur
Romania 20 Eur 23 Eur 25 Eur 30 Eur 43 Eur
France (except islands) 22 Eur 26 Eur 34 Eur 50 Eur 83 Eur
Portugal (except islands) 25 Eur 26 Eur 30 Eur 37 Eur 51 Eur
Spain (except islands) 27 Eur 32 Eur 38 Eur 50 Eur 75 Eur
Sweden 30 Eur 37 Eur 50 Eur 74 Eur 123 Eur


Weith kg Price EUR
0.002 – 2 4.69
2.001 – 3 5.00
3.001 – 5 6.00
5.001 – 10 6.50
10.001 – 15 6.99
15.001 – 20 8.00
20.001 – 25 8.49
25.001 – 30 9.00
30.001 – 35 9.99
35.001 – 40 11.00
40.001 – 45 12.00
45.001 – 50 13.00
50.001 – 55 14.00
55.001 – 60 15.00
60.001 – 65 16.00
65.001 – 70 17.00
70.001 – 75 18.00
75.001 – 80 22.00
80.001 – 100 25.00

 Latvia                                                                                                                     Estonia

Weight, kg Price, EUR   Weight, kg Price, EUR
100.001 – 400 35.00   100.001 – 350 49.00
400.001 – 740 39.00   350.001 – 600 65.00
740.001 – 1100 47.00   600.001 – 1000 95.00
1100.001 – 1480 62.00  
1480.001 – 1850 78.00  


Weight, kg Price, EUR
200.001 – 300 55.00
300.001 – 600 80.00
600.001 – 1000 105.00

*Delivery by 7 days after dispatch

General delivery information:

If the goods are not delivered within the specified period, call to tel. No. +37060506540 or write by e-mail to vadyba@clay.lt with your order number and we will definitely help you to find your shipment.

Shipments are shipped the same day if the order is placed and paid for before 11:30 a.m.


Delivery prices in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia depend on the weight, you can see them by adding items to the cart.
Delivery to the Curonian Spit may be more expensive depending on the chosen shipping method and parcel transportation company.

When ordering larger quantities, you can be informed that the transportation price will be determined individually by weight and place of delivery.
Pick up at our factory FOR FREE at Plytinės str. 1, Geistariškės, Alytus distr., Lithuania


Usually goods are delivered in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia within 2-4 days.
During the quarantine period or other unforeseen situations in the country and in the world, goods are delivered in Lithuania within 3-10 days.


If you have questions or difficulties while waiting or already unloading a load, always give us a call first, as we can probably help to resolve any situations that arise if you fail to do so on the spot. Tel. No. +37060506540; +37067700207

If you receive cargo that is obviously damaged, do not accept it by stating the reason for refusal on the courier’s sheet. If it happened that you accepted a shipment or cargo and only then did you notice the damage, take photos and email them as soon as possible to vadyba@clay.lt

All claims regarding delivery or unloading services should be sent with a detailed description and photos by e-mail to vadyba@clay.lt Depending on the importance of the situation, we undertake to respond within 1-5 days.

In case of delivery problems, after the goods left the SELLER’S warehouse or a joint solution for unloading couldn’t be found, in case of return of the goods, if it is identified that the BUYER did not objectively assess the road surface and all the above conditions and did not inform the SELLER at the time of order, the BUYER shall pay the delivery expenses. We welcome various suggestions and comments on the delivery of goods by e-mail to vadyba@clay.lt so that we could ensure even faster, more convenient and cheaper delivery of goods.

Let us work together! Mr. Clay team