Mr. Clay founder and CEO

Our products

We have been producing and selling clay plaster in Lithuania since 2016. Our products are suitable for the interior wall decoration of residential and commercial premises, where there are high requirements not only for a good and healthy microclimate, but also for aesthetic – the most natural interior possible.

The product system consists of:

  • Classic brown clay plaster for levelling layer;
  • White finishing (decorative) clay plaster which can be tinted in more than 100 hues;
  • Brown finishing (decorative) clay plaster for those who want a natural brown clay colour;
  • Clay paint;
  • Clay – marble putty for creating artistic wall decoration;
  • More than 100 mineral pigment colours.

– In order to ensure smooth and high-quality wall finishing works, since 2018 we represent and sell wall decoration tools of the Italian brand “Marmorino tools” in Lithuania.

– Our product range also includes carefully selected products from reliable manufacturers: oil, glaze, primer, protective tapes, etc.

– We develop various decorating techniques, organise trainings and wall decoration parties as well as private events, such as team building events, etc.


Our values

Less is more – Mr. Clay clay plaster production process does not contain any “high chemical materials”, so the walls covered with natural clay plaster “breathe”, do not emit toxic substances and odours.

Close communication – we value our clients very much, we always try to consult as professionally as possible and advise as sincerely as possible.

Our work – our way of life – we are dedicated to our work not because we are “workaholics”, but because we love the things we do immensely and cannot imagine our lives without Mr. Clay.


Our story

The idea of the clay plaster business was born to me under the most unexpected circumstances and probably I would never have come up with the production of clay plaster if I had not found myself in an old brick factory in Alytus district. Although the old brick factory work had to be stopped, there I got an idea how to use the available natural raw material, clay powder – to make clay plaster! Getting started was not easy: we had to find out what the requirements of this product were, to create recipes, work instructions, to find business partners, introduce the product to interior designers and architects, and finally to start sales. Although I had to face great challenges, I inexplicably strongly believed that clay plaster is a promising product and over time will be increasingly found in a wide variety of spaces, as it is not only natural but also very beautiful.